Located in the heart of Seagrove, North Carolina

                 Our Pottery Studio prides itself in carrying on the tradition of producing beautiful functional pottery items.



Our Studio Team enjoys the art of working

with their own hands in producing

the high level of pottery that we do.


We focus on making our pottery that is not only hand-crafted and an enjoyment to

use, but also beautiful in their own form

of art to be seen and held by all .


Each individual piece made by us  reflects

it's own unique design, style, color,

and also it's important functional use.


Elevate your everyday normal dining experience, and bring a little art to your menu and dining room layout. Enjoy some long lasting, beautiful, custom designed pottery.


We try to focus on so many different techniques and styles, to provide both the everyday use functional pieces, but also some rememberable art work show items as well. We make so many multiple unique pieces, and also work directly with our customers to offer many Custom Designs, offering different designs, shapes, sizes, colors, and style solutions for individuals looking into multiple set items, wedding gifts, and business event memorabilia.



Wedding Registry Information


Ashley Rollins and Wesley Richter

Wedding Date:    April 7, 2012


Lauren Bomba and Jeff Morgan

Wedding Date:    June 30, 2012



Please feel free to Contact Us anytime should you have any questions about our pottery,

the different Retail Store and Studio locations, and any custom designs that you are requesting.

We'll assist anyway that we can and look forward to hearing from you.

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